When Hormone Replacement Therapy Is the Right Solution for Your Menopause Symptoms

There’s a lot to look forward to with menopause — you no longer have to deal with your period every month, tiresome premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms cease to exist, and you can be intimate without having to worry about unintended pregnancy. 

But during perimenopause, the time it takes to transition from your prime reproductive years into complete menopause, declining hormone levels can trigger a variety of symptoms, ranging from hot flashes and mood swings to low energy and vaginal dryness.  

Knowing when HRT is right for you 

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has long been the gold-standard treatment for irritating or disruptive menopausal symptoms. 

HRT may be the right solution for you if: 

You have multiple or frequent symptoms

Menopause is a highly individual experience. Some women only experience hallmark symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings, while others find themselves facing chronic vaginal dryness, painful sex, regular sleep disturbances, low energy, a sluggish metabolism, and weight gain. 

If you’re experiencing multiple or frequent menopause symptoms, HRT can be an effective solution. On top of putting an end to hot flashes and vaginal dryness, HRT can help regulate your mood, metabolism, and energy levels so you feel more like yourself again.

Your symptoms are unusually intense 

You don’t have to develop numerous menopause symptoms to benefit from HRT. The treatment can also be incredibly helpful for women who experience just one or two symptoms that interfere with daily life. 

As one of the most common menopausal symptoms, hot flashes can also be one of the most disruptive. Whether your body heats up suddenly, your face becomes flushed, or red blotches appear on your neck, chest, and back, the average hot flash probably leaves you drenched in sweat and ready for a change of clothes.  

About three in four women get regular hot flashes during perimenopause, and many women keep having them long after the transition to menopause is complete. While there are effective ways to manage hot flashes in the moment, HRT can help you prevent them all together.   

You’re having (more) migraines 

Fluctuating hormones are a significant migraine trigger for many women; in fact, half of all women who experience migraines say they usually get them just before their period, when their estrogen levels are dropping.

This explains why existing migraine problems often worsen during menopause, as estrogen levels decline. Menopause is also a time when women who don’t get migraines may experience a severe, hormone-triggered headache for the first time. 

The right dose of HRT delivered consistently to your system can stabilize your hormone levels and help reduce or prevent menopause-related migraine headaches.

Lifestyle changes haven’t really helped 

When menopause symptoms are relatively mild or infrequent, many women can find adequate relief by making a few targeted lifestyle changes. If staying hydrated, eating a wholesome diet, exercising most days of the week, and dressing in comfortable layers doesn’t take the edge off your menopause symptoms, however, it may be time to consider HRT. 

It’s safe for you to receive hormones 

While HRT is an effective and reliable solution that’s helped many women manage the change of life more comfortably, it isn’t a viable option for women with certain health conditions.  

You shouldn’t receive HRT if you have a personal or family history of hormone-related cancers like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or endometrial cancer. You should also avoid HRT if you have a history of abnormal vaginal bleeding, heart disease, stroke, deep vein thrombosis, blood clots, or liver disease.     

If a physical exam and medical history determines you’re a good candidate for HRT, our team can measure your hormone levels and prescribe the exact amount you need to restore stability and achieve symptom relief.  

Here at Signature Women’s Healthcare, we only offer the safest, most advanced, and most controlled form of HRT available — bioidentical hormone therapy

Derived from natural plant sources, bioidentical hormones are structurally identical to your own natural hormones for optimal function. Your custom prescription is encased in a tiny pellet and implanted beneath your skin, where it continuously releases small doses of hormones to keep your hormone levels stable. 

To discover what bioidentical HRT can do for you, call your nearest Signature Women’s Healthcare office in Lawrenceville or Lithonia, Georgia, or click here to schedule a visit with one of our gynecologists

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