What Parts of My Body Are Eligible for Body Contouring?

What Parts of My Body Are Eligible for Body Contouring?

If you’re hoping to give your appearance a boost in time for the holidays, you’re not alone. It’s natural to want to look and feel your best for all the celebrations, family get-togethers, and picture taking that come along with the holiday season.  

At Signature Women’s Healthcare in Lawrenceville and Lithonia, Georgia, our OB/GYN providers understand that how you feel about your appearance has a direct impact on your overall health and wellness. That’s why our team offers comprehensive med spa treatments — including body contouring. 

Take a moment to learn more about noninvasive body contouring and the areas of your body this amazing treatment can help improve.  

Understanding body contouring

Body contouring is an aesthetic treatment that targets stubborn fat pockets that won’t respond to diet and exercise. It’s not a weight loss solution. Instead, body contouring safely and effectively helps sculpt your body, trimming inches from your figure to give you the smoother silhouette you want. 

At Signature Women’s Healthcare, we use the FDA-approved LiLa Strawberry Laser Lipo® system, a noninvasive laser therapy that blasts fat in the targeted treatment areas. Using special laser beams to penetrate deep into your fat layers, the treatment creates pores on your fat cells. 

The water, free fatty acids, and glycerol that plump up your fat cells are released, allowing removal by your body’s natural waste expulsion system. This makes the fat cells smaller, creating an instant reduction in the inches in the treatment area. 

The tissues around the treatment area aren’t harmed, and the procedure is painless, generally taking an hour or less depending on the size(s) of the body parts you’re treating. You’ll enjoy noticeable changes after one session, but we recommend a series of treatment sessions to help you get optimal aesthetic results. 

Areas body contouring can treat

With the LiLa Strawberry Laser Lipo system, our providers can treat almost all of your trouble zones, including: 

We recommend engaging in moderate-to-intense cardiovascular exercise for 20 minutes or more after your treatment to stimulate your lymphatic system and speed up your body’s natural cellular waste removal process, which will improve your results.  

Candidates for body contouring

Body contouring is a safe and effective option for many people, but it’s not right for everyone. Before starting treatment, our providers review your medical history and overall health and discuss your goals and expectations to make sure body contouring is right for you. 

It’s important to remember that body contouring isn’t a weight loss solution. Everyone’s case is reviewed individually, but generally speaking candidates for LiLa Strawberry Laser Lipo treatments should be:

Get started with body contouring today to look and feel your best this holiday season! Call the Signature Women’s Healthcare office nearest you to schedule a consultation at our med spa, or book an appointment online now.

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