Look Your Best this Holiday Season with Our Spa Services

The holiday season is full of fun and merry-making. These special days and celebrations mean spending time and taking photos with your family and friends, so it’s only natural to want to look and feel your best during the most festive time of the year.  

At Signature Women’s Healthcare in Lawrenceville and Lithonia, Georgia, our med spa treatments not only help you put your best face (and shape!) forward this holiday season, but they can also help you take some much-needed time for yourself during the hustle and bustle of the season. 

Take a moment to explore the different med spa treatments we offer and what they can do for you!   

What treatments can help me this holiday season?

At Signature Women’s Healthcare, our med spa offers a variety of aesthetic services under the supervision of our board-certified medical doctors. Your provider takes time to listen to your aesthetic goals and recommends a personal treatment plan that best meets your needs. 

Our services include massage, chemical peels, facials, and body contouring. Here’s a closer look at what’s involved with each and the benefits they bring.  


Massage therapy is the perfect way to improve your health and wellbeing while alleviating tension and stress — something you’re sure to need during the busy holiday season! Our experienced masseuse offers several types of massage to choose from, including prenatal massage for our patients who are expecting. 

Chemical peels

If you want fresher, younger-looking skin this holiday season, a chemical peel could be the answer you need. Chemical peels use chemical solutions to resurface your skin. They do this by making superficial wounds that trigger your body’s natural healing process and boost your skin’s collagen production.

Our team at Signature Women’s Healthcare offers several strengths of chemical peels, and each comes with its own level of recovery. All strengths work to remove old skin cells to allow younger, firmer skin to take center stage. 

Some of the skin problems you can treat with chemical peels include: 


The aesthetics team at Signature Women’s Healthcare knows the value regular facials bring to our patients. We offer different facial treatments customized to meet your skin concerns and skin type. 

From reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to improving acne breakouts and giving you a brighter complexion, adding a facial to your regular beauty routine will help you look your best this holiday season. 

Body contouring

Do you wish you could melt away those stubborn pockets of fat that won’t budge regardless of how much you diet and exercise? The LiLa Strawberry Laser Lipo treatment at Signature Women’s Healthcare can make your wish a reality. This body contouring system works safely and effectively to give you the silhouette you want in time for the holidays.

Our team uses this FDA-approved, noninvasive laser treatment to empty your fat cells of fatty acids and other fluids that keep them plump, shrinking them down and smoothing your appearance. The waste products are then removed by your body naturally. 

With the LiLa Strawberry Laser Lipo system, you can treat almost any trouble zone including: 

While one treatment can give you noticeable results, our providers typically recommend a series of sessions to ensure you reach your aesthetic goals. 

Performing moderate-to-intense cardiovascular exercise for at least 20 minutes after treatment accelerates the rate at which your body disposes of the waste products by stimulating the lymphatic system, improving your results.

Ready to look your best this holiday season?

If you want to look and feel your best this holiday season, talk to your provider at Signature Women’s Healthcare. We take the time to listen to your questions and concerns, and we make sure you feel confident in and comfortable with your aesthetic choices.

If you’re ready to schedule your med spa consultation, call the Signature Women’s Healthcare office nearest you or book with us online today! 

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